The original boundaries of Washington, DC were ten miles by ten miles, forming a diamond of land where the federal government would take its seat and a city would grow, and the two have been in tension ever since. This blog is dedicated to the city and all of its many elements, and it was created to explore and discuss the city’s history, its urban policy challenges, and its social and political existence.

The Authors

Riordan Frost is a PhD candidate in Public Administration at American University, from which he received a Masters in Public Policy in 2013. He is currently working on a dissertation on urban sustainability, and actively engaged in environmental policy research with Dan Fiorino, as well as being a TA for Derek Hyra’s courses on Politics and Policy in Washington, DC (among others). You can learn more about his current projects at riordanfrost.com.


Our header photo is a 1937 map of DC from the Library of Congress (Record 87694106).